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Neighboring vineyard owners and their winemakers showcased their wines with “A Taste of Place”. Hosted in the barn at Carlton Hill Vineyard, winemakers poured Pinot noir and Chardonnay from four nearly contiguous vineyards in a seven vineyard area they refer to as the “West Ridge” of the Yamhill-Carlton AVA.



Even with the weirdest weather over the past eight months, this is proving to be a beautiful harvest.  Friends, customers and fellow winemakers are all out helping as these are easy days.  Sorting is barely even needed as the fruit is perfect.  Letting it hang is the smart thing to do.


EIEIO Chardonnays Featured in
“Black Chardonnay” Article

Katherine Cole’s article “Meet Black Chardonnay – A nearly forgotten technique for exceptional wines has some producers going back to black” has the web buzzing. She describes how Oregon winemakers are using old style Burgundian processes to make their Chardonnay, reversing established practices with interesting and sometimes great results.

She quotes Jay on his Chardonnay making techniques:

“Jay McDonald, the winemaker behind the EIEIO label out of Yamhill-Carlton, focuses on maximum oxygen exposure. After hard-pressing his Chardonnay, he lets the juice sit in an open-top fermenter, with nothing but a bug screen for protection, for three to five days until it browns. He then moves the wine to new oak barrels, leaving a large headspace to encourage fermentation. When it starts percolating, he moves it to neutral barrels to finish, freeing up his new barrels for Pinot Noir.

“I can claim that both my Chardonnay and Pinot Noir get 100 percent new French oak,” McDonald says with a laugh. But the results are no joke: The 2013 EIEIO Cuvée O Chardonnay from Yamhill-Carlton scored a 93 in the Wine Advocate last year. McDonald says he hit upon his technique after finding to his frustration that his 2006 and 2007 vintages were prematurely oxidizing.”

New Release:
2015 Yates Conwill Vineyard Chardonnay

Sight, smell, sensations, sweetness + savoriness:

Translucent neon green with a glimmer of antique rose-gold. Aromas start at white peach and oddly enough, move to freshly sliced button mushrooms then end up leaning toward toasted almonds in a bowl of crushed pineapple and nectarines. Entry starts out massive then moves to light, then back again to something approaching unctuousness followed by a light tingly sensation of fresh squeezed lemon in an iced glass of club soda. Add a small bowl of toasted and salted hazelnuts to the equation and THAT is what this wine is! Confounding Chardonnay to say the least. This wine gives a wide range of sensations at this point. After two plus hours, a more subdued Meursault-like Chardonnay ends up in your glass.


New Release:
2015 Cuvee E Pinot noir

Aromatically this is textbook Pinot noir: initial aromas of violet flowers followed by forest floor strewn with black cherries are so painfully obvious that even a neophyte will sense it. Given another thirty minutes in the glass, more complex aromas of freshly peeled tangerine, just picked Chanterelles, and toasted graham crackers emerge.

Entry is sublime with an edge; smooth and filling…