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2013 Vintage Wines


Update and news about the winery.

EIEIO & Company Wines - picking grapes 2014

“Superb” – Parker

Wind Hill Pinot noir 2012


 My 2013 Wines: Seductively Surprising

Drinking the new EIEIO 2013 vintage Chardonnays and Pinot noirs last month, we found them quite pleasurable upon release. All of my 2013s have that “easy drinking” aspect…   read more

Cuvee “O Chardonnay

Yates Conwill Chardonnay

Cuvee E Pinot noir

Cuvee I Pinot noir

Yates Conwill Pinot noir

Saffron Fields Single Vineyard Pinot noirs

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Photos from the Release Dinner…

Guest post reviewing 2013 wines…