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Neighboring vineyard owners and their winemakers showcased their wines with “A Taste of Place”. Hosted in the barn at Carlton Hill Vineyard, winemakers poured Pinot noir and Chardonnay from four nearly contiguous vineyards in a seven vineyard area they refer to as the “West Ridge” of the Yamhill-Carlton AVA.



Even with the weirdest weather over the past eight months, this is proving to be a beautiful harvest.  Friends, customers and fellow winemakers are all out helping as these are easy days.  Sorting is barely even needed as the fruit is perfect.  Letting it hang is the smart thing to do.


Watch crazy man Gary Vaynerchuk expound on EIEIO Wines.

New Release:
2014 Yates Conwill Vineyard Pinot noir

Once imbibed an explosion of blueberries with a fresh squeeze of  lemon is obvious. A smooth, mouth enveloping wash shows more French Green Plum Tart followed by a raisin cinnamon bagel toasted and almost burnt to where the raisins are starting to caramelize.

Think perfectly aged Barolo without the aggressive attack. How did this happen? Step away for a while then come back to experience smashed raspberries with diced kumquat. How weirdly satisfying is that combination?

More patience reveals blackberries, wild plums, sous bois (forest floor) then caramelized plums, dusty raspberries, salmonberries, black currants soaked in Marc tossed over ripe Epoisses cheese and spread over a crusty baguette sitting on a large piece of slate. This is living…

EIEIO Yates Conwill Vineyard PINOT NOIR 2014

New Release:
2014 Cuvee E Pinot noir

I have received quite a bit of feedback on this wine in particular from those who have had access to “early release” wines. This input was from the great people who attended my dinners back in May of this year as well as a few major wine critics and previous employees, Sara Barber in particular.

What everyone has said, in various iterations, was that this is the most impressive Cuvee E I have ever released. The critics even said I was not charging enough for the wine as the quality surpasses the quantity of funds needed to procure the wine. But no, I will not be raising my prices, this is just a forewarning that this wine will be in short supply sooner than you might think. Ergo, buy in copious quantities to secure what is an amazing bottle of wine. – Jay

EIEIO Cuvee E Pinot noir 2014