New Release:
2014 Yates Conwill Vineyard Chardonnay

Shimmering hue of fossilized amber without any prehistoric insects to be seen. Aromas ranging from marzipan to mushroom to a freshly torn kumquat rind with a bit of machete hacked chunks of pineapple in the background. Entry is lush and large with an enveloping mouth showing even more flavors of pear and apple with a dusting of cinnamon. With warmth more complex agents emerge with orange pith and lemon meringue pie cleansed with an ice cold Canada Dry Tonic Water. Wait a moment and orange oil blended with light caramel sauce over a toasted piece of pound cake show up. Well worth the wait.

After having the wine opened for a few hours you can experience Marcona Almonds along with a “low-tied” component like fresh Uni.  A damned rich and savory wine at this point. The finish, even at this five hour point is all light and refreshing as the acidity cleanses the palate for the next bite.

A few of the dinner attendees who purchase an inordinate quantity of this Chardonnay have told me that the wine really needs to be left open for a week to fully appreciate what is in there, a sign that this wine might too last longer than most Chardonnays. Pretty impressive.

– Jay


New Release:
2014 Cuvee E Pinot noir

I have received quite a bit of feedback on this wine in particular from those who have had access to “early release” wines. This input was from the great people who attended my dinners back in May of this year as well as a few major wine critics and previous employees, Sara Barber in particular.

What everyone has said, in various iterations, was that this is the most impressive Cuvee E I have ever released. The critics even said I was not charging enough for the wine as the quality surpasses the quantity of funds needed to procure the wine. But no, I will not be raising my prices, this is just a forewarning that this wine will be in short supply sooner than you might think. Ergo, buy in copious quantities to secure what is an amazing bottle of wine. – Jay


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Celebrate with me!
EIEIO Cuvee O Chardonnay 2013
Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate
93 Points

This was one of only four wines (out of over 200 reviewed) receiving 93 points from Wine Advocate in the April 2016 report, the highest score awarded. It was also the only Chardonnay in the group.

The Review

“The 2013 Chardonnay Cuvée O is a blend of two puncheons, one new and the other first used in 2011. It has an understated, quite Burgundy-like bouquet, that new oak deftly integrated with subtle flint and smoke scents developing in the glass. The palate…”


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EIEIO & Company Wines - picking grapes 2014

“Superb” – Parker

Wind Hill Pinot noir 2012


EIEIO & Company
2013 Wines:
Seductively Surprising

Drinking the new EIEIO 2013 vintage Chardonnays and Pinot noirs last month, we found them quite pleasurable upon release. All of my 2013s have that “easy drinking” aspect…

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