$300 per case

145 cases produced


The return of Richard! The Spotted Swine, code named “Rie-Chard” (come on, pronounce it like a Frenchman trying to say Richard) is reminiscent of many Fruili district wines from Northern Italy, Alsace or even the Loire Valley.  A harmonious combination of Riesling and Chardonnay which results in a bizarre, yet beautiful blend.

2014 vintage: Entry is clean yet fruity; the perfect balance of two barrels of bone dry Riesling and two barrels of unctuous Chardonnay make this the fun, yet confounding wine to confuse the most fastidious wine geek. Floral nose yields honeysuckle and peach blossom followed up by a mouthful of apple and pear nectar with a tangerine-lemon-lime finish. Super low alcohol level of around 11% allows you to sip on this from brunch, through lunch and on into dinner starting with kumamoto oysters followed by salmon. Perfectly balanced. This wine is fun with broad appeal, especially if you keep the blend a secret!

2013 vintage: Hay and sunlight emerge both visually and aromatically. Aromas of pineapple and freshly sliced Granny Smith apple with a hint of Asian pear show up with time in the glass. This initial “all-fruit” fragrance is followed by a sweet honeysuckle flower aroma, an almost candy-like smell with floral overtones.  Enchanting and all at a delicate 11.3 percent alcohol.

Flavors start off with a caramelized lemon and finish with a tart and powerful, Pixystix-like bump. Texture is initially tight, then mouth enveloping followed by cleansing acidity on the finish. Food friendly with any Asian stir-fry or any kind of Pho you might whip up, plus the perfect roasted chicken pairing. I got lucky with the blend and so should you. Load up. It will be gone before you know it.

 Review by The Wine Snob

2013 Rie-Chard White Swine Wine

Review references the 375ml bottle size

So whats the story on this little Piggy? It is a blend of Riesling and Chardonnay, not your most common bedfellows; obviously no one told them that, because they make a lovely couple in this wine. It captures the cool-climate persona of the Willamette Valley with finesse. Gentle, yet with a bracing acidity, it will enchant with aromas of pear, quince, green apple and nuances of honeysuckle. If you’re patient enough to let this wine open up, its texture will soften and charm your pants off. This wine is actually what began my fondness for half bottles. They’re just fun, doggone it. A slight amount of residual sugar makes it very accessible and bright. Good clean fun. Plus, did I mention its cute? Its cute.