EIEIO-logo-email-tractorWHITE-PINOT-300pThat wine you wanted last year but it did not exist…

As most of you know, I attempt to make the controversial “white pinot noir” on an annual basis. Some people think they invented it, some critics say not to make it at all as it is “insipid” and then, moments later, award a very nice score… controversial andconfusing…

In the winery the barrels are labeled as WPA. People often wonder what WPA stands for and I let them know that it stands for White Pinot Attempt because allowing Mother Nature to turn grape juice into wine all by itself is brimming with a very high potential for disaster.

I “attempt” to get it to ferment without the use of any added yeasts or enzymes and have been successful here and there. Obviously, it did not work in 2013 as there was not any and I know many of you missed having your case of White Pinot Noir as you asked for it, repeatedly, which made me happy! It worked out very well with the 2011 vintage and quite well in the 2012 vintage but there was so little produced I could not justify the cost of a small label run so all bottles were shipped in beautiful clear glass. The cork however, WAS labeled!

The WineSnob on the 2014 White Pinot noir:

“Gleaming with a bright golden color, the White Pinot (or WP, as the cool kids call it) is sure to stump even the cleverest wine nerd in a blind tasting. Mark my words. Unconventionally fruit-forward and luscious, it has distinct “candied” aromas to me; white gummy bears, white lollipops and pineapple, accompanied by punches of lime zest, honeydew melon, peaches, and fresh flowers. A twinge of something nutty is hiding in there somewhere, and the texture is as silky as silky gets. A pure pleasure-seeking wine; meant to drink and enjoy.

Made with no added yeasts or enzymes, the “yearly” White Pinot production is a bit of a gamble; Jay labels the barrels “WPA”, which stands for “White Pinot Attempt.” If I was a religious person, I’d say he “lets go and lets God” with this wine. Unfortunately the stars did not align in 2013, but both 2011 and 2012 did get some exciting scores from the Wine Advocate. When I was at Jay’s this past Friday, he was down to less than 10 cases. Speak now, or forever hold your peace.”




This Wine is Sublime!

eieio-honeysuckle-fig-edited-275pAromatics offer up a nose of spring honeysuckle blossoms and subtly scented fresh warm figs just plucked from the tree in mid-summer.

Wait a minute or let it warm up to room temperature and then you will smell the salty watermelon of freshly opened kumamoto oysters. Inhale again and find the return of floral aromas like peach blossom followed by fresh apricots.

Clean and crisp entry of thinly sliced tart kumquat juxtaposed over a juicy Asian pear. Once warmed in the mouth, layers of stony minerality shows up, like a slice of apple served on a piece of warm slate. On the finish there is sparkling peach juice just poured over crushed ice with a slice of lime. Wait a while longer and ripe Bosc pear drizzled with honey coat the mouth. Thickness with levity! Great mouth feel without the use of oak or lees stirring, pure nature via gravity doing its deal.

Flavors abound with a repeat of what you smell but now with a dusting of cinnamon bark followed by limestone minerality. The racy acidity at the end cleanses the palate. Finally the finish which is seemingly never ending and reminds me of Manuka honey steeped in hot lemon tea. Fun wine.

The Deals

Six-Pack –  $275
You will wish you purchased a case.

Full Case –  $500
You will wish you purchased two cases.

Two Cases – $900
Just enough for the summer parties.

Three Cases – $1,200
Barely enough to last you through the rest of the year.

All include shipping and insulated box within the contiguous United States