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EIEIO Under Construction

Pictures from my year of construction. I expect construction to continue through 2017 and into the new year.

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Josh Raynolds of VINOUS Reviews EIEIO 2013 Wines


In December, 2016, Josh Raynolds of VINOUS (formerly with Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar) reviewed a selection of Oregon 2013 vintage wines. Four EIEIO wines were among the group.

This was an interesting vintage.  Many of us gathered regularly over beers and pizza to fret over when to pick and how to address the grape bloating and other rain related natural issues in the vineyard. I ran into my neighbor Jacques Lardiere at the Carlton Bakery and he asked what I was doing differently to combat the swelling issues. I answered; ” Nothing yet as I have yet to pick!” He was flabbergasted.

 You see, there were three rain events which were large and quite rare just before and during harvest and you could not pick “around” these events as some might claim. (more…)

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2016 Harvest Update at EIEIO: Yates Conwill Vineyard

Even with the weirdest weather over the past eight months, this is proving to be a beautiful harvest. The heat has not caused any predicted weirdness in fermentations or grape ripeness other than ripeness numbers which are higher than normal at this point in the year.  Friends, customers and fellow winemakers are all out helping as these are easy days.  Sorting is barely even needed as the fruit is perfect.  Letting it hang is the smart thing to do. – Jay

Yates Conwill Vineyard just before 2016 harvest



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Wines I’m Most Proud Of

Sure, we have read and heard it all too often; “Wine is made in the vineyard.” and while that is true, I look at it from a different angle: When the fruit comes in, you are at 100 percent. You can ONLY take away from what you have and not add to it. Or, to stay with the EIEIO perspective: You cannot make a silk purse out of sow ears but you can put lipstick on a pig… and that is what you might end up with…

Gaining access to great sites with fastidious farming is where quality wine starts. Doing your best to not only stay out of the way but also to pull just enough from the grapes to end up with a compelling wine is the tough part as you always want to do more, but more might not be the right thing to do.

With all of these wines, I did as little as possible to let the vintage and the site shine through. All the wines have been stored perfectly and are drinking quite well presently. These four are a range of wines in both vintage and styles. The wines below are those that worked out beautifully from the start and remain so through this day. – Jay


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Neighborhood West Ridge Yamhill Carlton Tasting

Neighboring vineyard owners and their winemakers showcased their wines with “A Taste of Place”, a tasting event this month in the rolling hills west of Carlton, Oregon. Hosted in the barn at Carlton Hill Vineyard, winemakers poured Pinot noir and Chardonnay from four nearly contiguous vineyards in a seven vineyard area they refer to as the “West Ridge” of the Yamhill-Carlton AVA.

Tasting with the neighbors around the west ridge of the Yamhill Carlton AVA.


left to right: Stephen and Cathy Conwill, owners of Yates Conwill Vineyard – Dave Polite, Carlton Hill Vineyard –   Jacques Lardière,  Résonance Vineyard (Jadot) – Jay McDonald, EIEIO and the maker of the EIEIO Yates Conwill Vineyard Pinot noir. Not pictured, Kristin Cardwell, pouring for Terry Family Wines – Tara Bloom, Carlton Hill Vineyards.


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Wine Advocate on EIEIO’s 2013 Wines

robert_parker_new_logo68Last week Neal Martin released an early report on Oregon’s 2013 wines. He said: “this is not the “main show.” Think of this as a warm-up act comprising of earlier-bottled wines that several producers advised might appear too late had I waited until the end of June.”

Neal called out EIEIO, saying: “Other producers that really deserve an applause for overcoming such a challenging vintage include: Brick House, Colene Clemens, EIEIO, Longplay and Stoller Vineyards, though I suspect that those names will not come as a surprise to many.” (more…)

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A Place of My Own

New EIEIO Winery Construction Starts Soon

eieio-barrelroom-from-topEIEIO will soon have its own facility. Some call this a winery, others might refer to the building as a fruit processing plant, and the county calls it an Agricultural Building. Nonetheless, construction will start soon. I am still in the planning and design phase with blueprints currently out for bids. EIEIO construction might take a couple of years to complete or if funds flow in rapidly from you, my customers, we might be able to finish within the next nine months! (more…)

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