2017 Wind Hill
Pinot noir

Wind Hill Vineyard Pinot Noir is home to the most northern vineyard in the Willamette Valley. From vines planted between 1974 and 1988, it is matured in one-third new French oak. It has plenty of dusky red and black fruit on the nose, interlaced with truffle and cola scents. The palate is medium-bodied with crisp acidity, focused tannins, lively red cherries and lingering cranberry that form the caressing, lightly spiced finish.

72 cases made.

The 2017 Vintage

The Willamette Valley had ample yields in 2017 across the board. There was a buzz of early positive reviews of the fruit, no health issues with good maturity.

A warm early September accelerated fruit development but was slowed by a cool down mid-month. From grower reports, 2017 ended up slightly higher than average sugar and with many touting beautiful flavors and well-balanced fruit.

EIEIO Pinot Noir: The Winemaking

Wine quality starts in the vineyard. The site is everything and the farming a parallel. Looking over the vineyards I lease, each one has a distinct personality in exposure, age, farming and the subsequent wine from it. With this vast array of personalities, I can choose to either blend forming the Cuvees “E”, “I” and at times the elusive “O” or, if the vineyard is impressive enough as a standalone, produce a single vineyard or even a single block bottling. These are those wines.

Each farmer has their own philosophy on how to farm their property. Most have been farming their property for at least 10 years and have learned not only what the plants want, but also what the site needs. While the vineyards in the current EIEIO & Company portfolio have farming practices unique to that specific site, the overall philosophy aligns nicely with my vision. They do what they do and I do with it what I do, in an attempt to produce better wines.