West Ridge Yamhill Carlton AVA Tasting

Neighboring vineyard owners and their winemakers showcased their wines with “A Taste of Place”, a tasting event this month in the rolling hills west of Carlton, Oregon. Hosted in the barn at Carlton Hill Vineyard, winemakers poured Pinot noir and Chardonnay from four nearly contiguous vineyards in a seven vineyard area they refer to as the “West Ridge” of the Yamhill-Carlton AVA.

West Ridge tasting

left to right: Stephen and Cathy Conwill, owners of Yates Conwill Vineyard – Dave Polite, Carlton Hill Vineyard –   Jacques Lardière,  Résonance Vineyard (Jadot) – Jay McDonald, EIEIO and the maker of the EIEIO Yates Conwill Vineyard Pinot noir. Not pictured, Kristin Cardwell, pouring for Terry Family Wines – Tara Bloom, Carlton Hill Vineyards.

Plus the release of my new “higher-end” bottlings with new packaging!

The 2016 vintage rivals 2012 for the Goldilocks factor as not only are the wines big, balanced and beautiful, but they are also cellar-worthy. I highly recommend buying in larger than normal quantities.

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Meet at the new winery for bites of perfectly portioned plates of farm to table and fishery to table cuisine from The Painted Lady while enjoying a few of my new wines while the sun sets. Then we will progress up to the house for a multi-course meal paired with the “high-end” wines.

This will be fun. Bring a checkbook and an empty trunk!

Map of the vineyards in the tasting – From top to bottom,

Terry Family Vineyard, wine made by Jared Etzel, owner Rick Terry;
Domaine Roy et Fils Vineyard did not participate, Jared Etzel is a co-owner;
Carlton Hill Vineyard, wine made by  Dave Polite, owner Dave Polite, the tasting was held here;
Merriman Vineyard, did not participate;
Resonance Vineyard, wine made by Jacques Lardière, owned by Jadot;
Yates Conwill Vineyard, EIEIO Yates Conwill wines made by Jay McDonald, vineyard owned by Stephen and Cathy Conwill.

West Ridge vineyards in relation to the overall Yamhill Carlton AVA and the surrounding towns.

Jay McDonald, EIEIO, pouring his Yates Conwill Pinot noir for tasters.

Tara and Dave Polite with their 2013 Carlton Hill Estate Pinot noir.

Jacques Lardière, Résonance Vineyard (Jadot)

About 100 people attended the event for the west ridge of the Yamhill-Carlton AVA.

Kristin Cardwell, pouring Terry Family wines and Jay McDonald of EIEIO. Kristin is a level three Sommelier.

Jay McDonald, EIEIO, Tara Polite, and Stephen Conwill of Yates Conwill Vineyard.

The tasting was busy the entire time, with visitors commenting on the similarities and differences between the Pinots. Is there a “West Ridge” terroir?

The event was held at Carlton Hill Vineyard in Tara and Dave’s historic barn.