2016 Saffron Fields Vineyard Chardonnay

The Site: Saffron Fields Vineyard has a steep, southwest facing section of almost two acres planted to the 76 and 548 clones of Chardonnay. Meticulously farmed by Results Partners and hand delivered by the owner-operator himself, Swiss-German Daniel Fey of Fey Longhorns fame.

The Process:

Made in the “Coche-Dury” Method of pre-oxidizing the juice before going to barrel. Then resting in barrel for 22 months before bottling without any additions, lees stirring or movement. Old school.

The Blend (actually, just one barrel)

Some MWs some MSs and just some damned fine people in general, went through all of the Saffron Fields barrels, over many months, and even had several poor souls blend fractions to see what we could put together to make this first everoffering of Saffron Fields Chardonnay, but we never were able to make a blend of the barrels into something which had the pronounced, in your face Chardonnay of the one, single barrel. So, I bottled up just one lonely new DAMY French Oak barrel of the Saffron Fields Chardonnay. Ended up with almost 24 cases. Sold around half to folks who barrel tasted it and then I drank around four cases with friends since bottling in August. Currently around ten cases remain. If you want the Chardonnay, buy it in this offer as I think it will be gone by November.

The Wine:

This is a mouthful of wine with a richer texture than the Yates Conwill Vineyard Chardonnay. It is a massive, show off kind of Chardonnay, with no prisoners taken. Just drink a glass and share the other four glasses left from the bottle with friends. This is a bomber wine. Think Pink, Cindy Lauper, Pamela Lee Anderson, or depending upon how old you are, a Rachael Welch sized Chardonnay. What I am saying is that this wine is obvious, not a shrinking violet

Amazing entry with honeydew melon drizzled with fireweed honey. Closely followed by salted watermelon and honeysuckle stems. The entry is big, but not a massive attack, just a big bear hug of a wine. Bizarre astringency follows up right after the entry with the tannin of the French Oak combining with the acid of limes over lemons. Round mouthfeel shows Red Delicious apples initially then a hot baked apple pie using Granny Smith apples with the skins left on. Finish is linear with Carambola followed by a fresh hot Dutch Baby. And the finish shows Sugar coated apples from the County Fair but dusted with lemon-lime Pixie Stix.

Drink this a bit warmer than normal and in a correct leaded crystal Chardonnay glass over just a large-bowled glass and you will experience what this wine is made to be.

Below, Daniel Fey of Results Partners getting ALL of the jobs done via cell phone!