2016 Cuveé E Chardonnay

EIEIO Cuvee E Chardonnay



For the first time since 2008, an “Everyday” Chardonnay. This is from three vineyards within the Willamette Valley which I lease. Harvested at the edge of ripeness, this is a bright and refreshing Chardonnay yet has plenty of texture to make you happy. All made in the “Black Chardonnay” method, this too will last for another fifteen years, that is correct.

Bright citrus nose of lemon-lime sorbet followed by fresh apples and ripe apricots. The entry is smooth yet refreshing as the acidity opens the palate for more sophisticated flavors ranging from oyster nectar to salted plums. Long lasting finish in a white wine at this price is unheard of these days. Damned good deal