2016 Cuveé E Chardonnay

If you like Chablis, this is for you. If you like Rombauer, this is not for you.

Since the 2010 vintage, my Chardonnays have been made in a counter-intuitive method known technically as hyper oxidativeand jargon-wise as Black Chardonnay. No additions of yeasts, enzymes or unnecessary movement of the juice nor wine were performed. This methodology seems to work for me so I am sticking with it.

Advice: Start by serving this wine between 52 and 62 degrees and let it warm up as you drink it. This allows the perception of weight, as well as the vast array of flavors, to come through over time.

Initial aromatics lean toward an ocean influence, showing a fresh Shigoku oyster with a squeeze of lemon. Inhale again and Mirabelle plums with torn basil dominate the nose. In another twenty minutes, the wafting of warm wet stones along a fly-fishing stream emerges.

Take in your first sip and the bright acidity not only gets your attention but also opens up your taste buds for all of the new and deeper flavors tightly bound up in this wine; honeysuckle, kiwi, candle wax, oyster shell, miso soup, kaffir lime leaf, lemon zest, blood orange flesh. Lots going on here. Delivers more than the price would suggest.

Finish is all flint and citrus with a bit of low tied thrown in for fun.