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To make an appointment at EIEIO & Company, please fill out the form below and submit it at least 72 hours before your intended visit. An email will be sent to you to confirm the date and time with directions to the winery included. We will do our best to honor all requests.

Pre-paid appointments available seven days per week. 10AM-3:30PM. To make an appointment at EIEIO please fill out the form below and submit it at least 48 hours before your intended visit as tend to be booked up well in advance for these sales tastings.

The tasting is for one to six people maximum and is $300. All of this deposit is refunded with your purchases on the day of your appointment. We pour five to six wines in their own separate glass so that you can compare the wines side-by-side. We also provide what most have called, “brunch”, “lunch” or “appetizers” which can consist of various cheeses, pates, confit, dried meats, olives, nuts, berries and of course, crackers along with some sparkling water to cleanse your palate between wines, if you so wish. So what I am saying is; "come hungry" and bring your checkbook as we stopped accepting credit cards back in 2012 and have not ever been happier!

  • (personal email, NOT business, unless you own the business)
  • (let me know if this is a cell phone)
  • (Maximum 8 people per visit per Yamhill County Ordinance)
  • If we cannot set up an appointment, please let us know where you might be staying as we might be able to come to you! "Have wine will travel."