2012 EIEIO Cuvees E, I, and O
Tasting Notes

2012 Cuvee E Pinot noir

So balanced that it is eurhythmic, yet another “E” word for the Cuvee. While within the 2012 vintage there will be some massively outrageous wines, so much fun to drink, show off and party with, and a couple of those wines might even be mine, this wine is the quiet beauty, the girl next door.  Go for it, and often.

The aromas are subtle and fresh, redolent of red plum, cherry cordial, pencil shavings and graphite.  Entry is sublime.  So balanced that is reminiscent of water from an artesian spring after a long hike.  A close facsimile to Burgundy in a great vintage.

Initial aromas are all upfront with stone fruits being dominate.  This is seamlessly followed through in the flavors and then delicately offset by an iron rich mid palate, like sautéed plums, peaches and cherries on a cast iron skillet.  The finish shows cherry preserves, stewed strawberries and baking spices followed by tarragon and then fresh anise emerges on the finish.  Some saline is offered at the end of a beautiful linear finish.

Patience and a nice decanter will reveals so much more than it does upon uncorking.  It is a great example of how first impressions can sometimes be incorrect.  With two days of air more densely packed miniature roses combined with seared foie gras jump out of the glass.

2012 Cuvee I Pinot noir

Indicative of the great 2012 vintage. Intellectually satisfying, sleek & polished, seamless and accessible

This has always been the bottling that is a representation of my best interpretation of the vintage, and every year I feel like a new adjective can be added to the Cuvees.  In this vintage, the Cuvee I exemplifies a wine which is intellectually satisfying.  This is not to imply that this wine requires, or worst demands your attention, but rather causes pause to reflect upon what it is that you are experiencing.

The initial aromatics are of fresh red plums followed by chocolate covered blueberries and raisins, but as the wine has time to open up it shows more blackberry aromas.  Entry is supple with a sneaky acidity similar to burnt orange peel and roasted plum that elevates the darker, burnt caramel or crème brulee flavors.

Undoubtedly, the Cuvee I is the most approachable and accessible of my 2012s with good length, density and sweetness.  The wine is sleek and polished with an ease and seamlessness to its beauty.

2012 Cuvee O Pinot noir

This is the sum of all parts: perfect balance and correspondence between nose and palate – a beautifully layered, complex and seductive Pinot noir. It has all the spice and fruit structure of Cuvee I Pinot but wait, there’s more: a whole added range of components, leading with mineral and exotic spice, beckoning you back for another ponder.

Beautifully ripe flavors of luscious, full spectrum red and dark fruits, raspberry, dates and a slight essence of orange peel with hints of blackberry leaf in the backdrop. Big and bold flavor profile highlighted by sarsaparilla, white pepper, baking and Asian spices. Mineral aromas and eloquent earth tones remind us of its true origins; fresh from the forest Chanterelle mushroom next to warm cedar aromas from a Finnish sauna in the backdrop ring true to its healthy quotient of elegant French oak.

Incredible enveloping mouth feel, recalls molasses with quartz and slate mineral returning on a long lasting silky finish. Drink while relaxing in a comfortable leather armchair by a warm winter fireplace.

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