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Great news from the critics:  Once again, EIEIO wines were tasted and were well liked, quite well liked I might add.  Long time critic Josh Raynolds (Tanzer) now at the consortium known as Vinous, tasted through my 2012 wines at his office on the east coast and has some nice adjectives to describe his experience with the vintage.  This was the second time in recent months that my wines were tasted on their own, without my being present to explain what it is that I do in regards to the grapes from spring through harvest, processing and elevage, which tells me that the critics must actually like my wines since my (at times) charming personality had nothing to do with the subsequent scores.  I am honored.

What I am offering here is a “Romanee Conti” selection of all of my wines from the vintage in a “nine-pack”  This way, you can drink them them all over the holidays with family and friends to determine your favorite and then order more.  And as a special favor for those who have previously purchased these wines, you will receive even better pricing for yourself or for gifting to someone new whom you would like to introduce to EIEIO wines.

Thank you all – Jay


Cuvee “O”, My Top End Wine

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2012 Cuvee “O” Pinot noir

The Cuvee O is my top end wine. The Cuvee O “happens” in that there are always barrels that stand out from the others within the cellar. At times these can be blended together to make an outrageously great wine. Other times, their perfection is lost when you blend them together. Additionally, the vintage determines when the Cuvee O is warranted, ergo, it does not happen every year. It must be a vintage where the weather was perfect and the subsequent fermentation did not require any adjustments. The 2012 growing season was such a vintage. So far, I have released the elusive Cuvee O in the following vintages: 1999, 2002, 2007, 2008 and 2009, obviously a rare occurrence. Furthermore, the Cuvee O must be a wine that not only drinks well upon release, but also will last at least a decade or more. This wine has all those attributes.

Blending the Cuvee O

This wine took an inordinate amount of time to blend. Usually, I can use an entire barrel from the various sites and it all works out just fine. The 2012 Cuvee O was another story. I must have spent over 100 hours with various blends until I found perfection. It was interesting that the “best” barrel of the various lots were not necessarily the barrel chosen for the blend, in every instance it was a barrel that possessed a standout  “personality” that “played well” with the other barrels of various personalities.  Overall […]

Swine Wine – A Squeal of a Deal

At long last, the FULL SIZED Swine Wine is released! Watch out as it will move quicker than the proverbial greased pig at the county fair. Last year’s were gone before Thanksgiving. Take heed if you want the best, under-priced wine from Oregon, as this is it.

Swine Wine Pinot noir 2013 $30

2c5ad8c6-c486-485e-8657-f2e2779e0273The original. The Pinot noir which, upon its inaugural release, made people laugh, smile, share and drink in copious quantities. This is 100 percent Pinot noir from the lovely 2013 vintage. Made in the same way as all my wines; with minimal intervention, results in an easy to like, crowd-pleasing style with textbook Pinot noir aromatics, texture and finish. Pretty and clean as well as fruity and fresh with a bright finish. Take anywhere for any occasion. Picnic porcine Pinot.

The initial aromas show up softly with fruit ranging from raspberries to strawberries and on to stone fruits of cherries and plums.  All aromas are textbook examples for Pinot noir. The entry offers smoothness and delicacy with the ability to have more focus on flavors. Once imbibed, you have a juicy core reminiscent of ripe Royal Lee cherries. Texture is lithe and lively, lingering on the front of the tongue. Finish is fresh Thai basil shredded over squished cherries. Drink this young wine day or night as it nicely balanced at 12.8 percent alcohol.

Swine Wine Rie-Chard 2013 $30

EIEIO’s Piglets Return! Plus a Small Pinot


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I receive inquiries from customers on a regular basis regarding small format 375mL bottles. I looked at the lone bottle of the last “piglet” on the shelf and it was an attractive little bottle, so I made up sixty cases of each of these lovely little wines. All bottled last week so they are as fresh as can be. Load up for gifting or getting. And the old “the more you buy, the more you save” cliche is painfully apparent at the bottom of this offer. Do not hesitate! Buy now and be able to hold your piglet!

Sold Out – Contact the Winery for Information

Three Little Splits:
2013 Pinot noir – Swine Wine
2013 Rie-Chard  – Spotted Swine
2013 Pinot noir – Cuvee E

PIGLET ONE: Swine Wine Pinot noir 2013

2c5ad8c6-c486-485e-8657-f2e2779e0273  The original.  The Pinot noir which, upon its inaugural release, ten years ago, made people laugh, smile, share and drink with reckless abandon.  This is 100 percent Pinot noir from the lovely 2013 vintage.  Made in the same way as all my wines; with minimal intervention, results in an easy to like, crowd-pleasing style with textbook Pinot noir aromatics, texture and finish.  Pretty and clean as well as fruity and fresh with a bright finish.  Take anywhere for any occasion.

The initial aromas are soft and amorphous with fruit ranging from raspberries to blackberries to cherries and plums.  Nothing wrong with the vagueness of aromas when these scents are all textbook examples for Pinot […]

44 Cases of Cellarworthy Wadenswil

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2012 Stermer Vineyard Wadenswil Pinot noir

This week is a high mileage week as I am driving around the valley checking my vineyards and attempting to focus in on a picking schedule.  All is looking good.  No issues on the horizon except for the lack of sleep…

This wine is comprised entirely from the Wadenswil block on Stermer Vineyard, located a scant two miles east of the lovely hamlet of Carlton, it boasts a gently, southeast facing slope containing predominately Willakenzie soil.  The slope ranges in elevation from 500 to 250 feet.  Planted between 1996 and 1997, it is coming into its own as it leaves the tumultuous teenage years behind. This site has tremendous potential and one day will prove to be among the top ten in the state.

The Wadenswil clone of Pinot noir is one of my top two Pinot noir clones.  Pinot noirs made from the Wadenswil clone are known more for floral aromatics and lovely texture than overt fruit flavor, but if you thin the crop enough you can develop an amazing array of diverse flavors and an unbelievable diversity of aromas.  I did this in 2012, leaving approximately nine clusters per plant, a very intense fruit drop.

Tasting the Wine

The aroma starts out with freshly cracked black pepper from an antique cast iron French spice grinder.  You might sense a little residual of other spices and “grindables” in there like cardamom and coffee, interestingly bizarre.

Triple Play at Saffron Fields

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Saffron Fields Vineyard is located on what will prove to be one of the top sites in Oregon for growing the highest quality wine grapes.  Get back to me in twenty years on this statement of future fact.

The History

Saffron-Fields-Vineyard-Map-Soil-700pThe O’Donnell’s of Belle Pente Vineyard + Winery in Carlton introduced me to this site almost two decades ago, back before I had any money to buy any land.  I met Brian and Jill O’Donnell in the early nineties while volunteering on the Carlton Lake Restoration Project.  They knew I was in the market for a nice vineyard site after we all made wine together as “home winemakers” in both 1993 and 1994 with grapes procured from Maresh and Murto Vineyards.  Brian knew some of the neighbors of this beautiful bench of a site and they informed Brian of the pending sale.  Obviously and unfortunately, I did not end up buying the piece but a great couple did:  Angela Summers and Sanjeev Lahoti.

The People

Angela and Sanjeev were in the right place at the right time and serendipitously enough, bought the property around ten years ago and set out looking into what to do, when to do it and with whom.  They ended up hiring Results […]

2012 Chardonnay Yates Conwill Vineyard

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eieio-chard-y-c-bottle-cork-glass-300pThis is the stuff dreams are made of. No kidding. This is one big, yet balanced Chardonnay but without all of the typical flavors of the ubiquitous Chardonnays. This is more akin to Grand Cru White Burgundy, if you are into that sort of thing.

And if you have ever had a great Grand Cru from a great vintage and from a great producer you will know what I mean when I use the word “transcendent” to describe what this wine is like.

There are aromas that defy description and flavors so deep AND so broad on the palate that everyone who has had the pleasure of drinking this wine stops talking. All become quiet and confounded with the complexity that continues to evolve in the glass with warmth – and even with being opened on the counter for over one week.

This is truly amazing wine.

The Vintage

The 2012 vintage will go down as the most profound since 2002 in Oregon. The wines are drinking well currently and will continue to drink well for a decade or two.

We had perfect weather (as in not too much of anything other than slow ripening without any pressure from any outside influence). Wineries were picking when they wanted and not because the weather was breaking down. If a winemaker wanted light and lovely they could pick at that point, if they wanted massive and super ripe flavors they could attain that goal as well.

This is a […]