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EIEIO’s Wine Advocate Top Rated Wines

I’ll let Neal Martin, Oregon wine reviewer for Wine Advocate, do all the critiquing or most of it anyway, although I’d disagree with a few.  Most notable Wind Hill which is probably the second best wine I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking, let alone having the pleasure of turning it from fruit into liquid. The other is the YC Pinot that he just had experienced a bad bottle and I’ve contacted the posts that be to be sure and retaste the next time Neal is back in Oregon or I am in London. – Jay

Neal Martin on EIEIO:

I must confess that I found the name baffling when I encountered EIEIO in my London tastings, at least until I enunciated each letter separately and thought of “Old MacDonald”. Clever…maybe too clever! Still, what matters is not the name but the wine and here there is much to savor. Winemaker Jay MacDonald clearly has the knack of producing top-quality Pinot Noirs that stood out from the crowd, in particular his superb Wind Hill Vineyard Pinot Noir that is surfeit with freshness and vitality. Hopefully, I’ll get to meet Jay on my next trip to Oregon.


2012 Eieio Wind Hill Vineyard Pinot […]

Six Vintages of Cuvee E

EIEIO-flat-straight-vertical-E-550pI still find vertical tastings the most fun within the hobby of wine: Gather a group of around eight to ten of your wine and food friends and throw a pot luck dinner. The focus here is not on the food but on the wines.


White Pinot noir 2014

EIEIO-logo-email-tractorWHITE-PINOT-300pThat wine you wanted last year but it did not exist…

As most of you know, I attempt to make the controversial “white pinot noir” on an annual basis. Some people think they invented it, some critics say not to make it at all as it is “insipid” and then, moments later, award a very nice score… controversial andconfusing…

In the winery the barrels are labeled as WPA. People often wonder what WPA stands for and I let them know that it stands for White Pinot Attempt because allowing Mother Nature to turn grape juice into wine all by itself is brimming with a very high potential for disaster.


Summer Wine Dinners – New Releases


Longer spring days turn my thoughts to summer’s pleasures and EIEIO’s New Release wine dinners.Join me for a warm summer night of al fresco dining, farm to table cuisine from Painted Lady, and a deep dive into my new lineup of Chardonnay and Pinot noir. An idyllic evening of wine, friends, and special times.

Review site Zagat says:
“world-class Pacific NW tasting menus are fascinating in their variety, seasonality and freshness” Top rating.

“perfect summer evening, fascinating people, great conversation, and a continuing stream of standout food and remarkable wines. They started excellent and headed straight to remarkable –  a memorable lineup of Oregon Pinots and Chards. Can’t wait for this summer.” – Jean

All the Info

Casual dining at my home
(shoes optional)
Food by Painted Lady Restaurant

Pre Paid $150 per person

Six courses and different food on
each night if you want to attend both.

Save $100 on each full case
of one wine purchased at the dinner.

Reserve Your Spot Now
503 852 6733


Building for Sale

Established historic bank building on the perfect corner location in Oregon’s most desirable wine address: Carlton. Home to Ken Wright Cellars, Soter Vineyards, Jacques Lardiere, Jackson Family, etc.

Original virgin fir floors from 1910, 11 foot ceilings, walk- in safe, etc. Beautiful living space above with historic character. Space to expand or build an additional building. Beautiful garden area. Most recently housed successful 20+ year business plus upstairs housing, multiple winery tasting room and wine bar on high-traffic corner.


Oregon Meets Silex: Rocky Point Sauvignon Blanc


Rocky Point Cellars
2013 Sauvignon Blanc Russell Grotters Vineyard

A major influx of new people have moved into the North Willamette Valley over the past five years and almost all of them are in some way, shape or form either in the wine business or soon to be in the business of wine. This is a good thing. The fifth wave so to speak. A few of them even have come to call Carlton their home and as such, have introduced themselves to those of us on Main Street.

Marc + Jennifer Stein have just moved to Carlton and are a dynamic duo with energy and brains to spare. Since I am seemingly low on brains these days, let alone energy it was serendipitous that he brought by a bottle of something new to share while I was cleaning up my Carlton Bank Building, home of The Tasting Room and EIEIO & Company, getting it prepped for new paint. Mark has started up a small brokerage business and Jennifer is bring her hospitality background and skills to Oregon, something that is painfully needed.

Initially, I was not expecting much from the wine as after all, it was a Sauvignon Blanc, something I rarely drink. This is not because I do not like Sauvignon Blanc but because there is so very little of it planted in Oregon. To keep with the local theme, the grapes were from the Savannah Ridge section of the Yamhill Carlton AVA, just […]

EIEIO 2013 Chardonnay Releases

EIEIO-2012-YC-in-Seoul-850pMy 2013 Chardonnay was a great success at the fourth annual Oregon Chardonnay Symposium in March 2015. The photo is from a recent event in Korea. They all enjoyed my 2012 and I will bet that they will be ordering up the next string of vintages as well! Here are my expanded tasting notes and a special offer for you before the Symposium. I expect to sell out.

The Vineyard
Yates Conwill Vineyard is owned by husband and wife Cathy and Steven Yates Conwill. It is a beautiful southwest facing bowl of a vineyard tucked in next to Foothill Farms, sharing a fence with Resonance Vineyard, and is only five miles due west from the lovely hamlet of Carlton. Well managed by Results Partners it is one of the “bonsai garden” vineyards in the valley with perfectly manicured plants and clean rows.