2009 Cuvee O Pinot noir

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111 cases produced


This is the sum of all parts: perfect balance and correspondence between nose and palate – a beautifully layered, complex and seductive Pinot noir. It has all the spice and fruit structure of Cuvee I Pinot but wait, there’s more: a whole added range of components, leading with mineral and exotic spice, beckoning you back for another ponder.

Beautifully ripe flavors of luscious, full spectrum red and dark fruits, raspberry, dates and a slight essence of orange peel with hints of blackberry leaf in the backdrop. Big and bold flavor profile highlighted by sarsaparilla, white pepper, baking and Asian spices. Mineral aromas and eloquent earth tones remind us of its true origins; fresh from the forest Chanterelle mushroom next to warm cedar aromas from a Finnish sauna in the backdrop ring true to its healthy quotient of elegant French oak. Incredible enveloping mouth feel, recalls molasses with quartz and slate mineral returning on a long lasting silky finish. Drink while relaxing in a comfortable leather armchair by a warm winter fireplace.