2009 Cuvee I Pinot Noir

2009 Cuvee I Pinot Noir 2017-04-13T13:37:53+00:00




58 cases produced


Intense and enticing nose that give the impression of a clean young Burgundy. Another great range of cherries, from early season to fresh and ripe, moving into dried savory ones, blueberries, ripe pear and fig. An incredible array of vibrant Asian spice and flowers; cumin and cinnamon, clove and nutmeg, with caraway seed and tamari.

Bizarrely beautiful wine. There is a wonderful thread of fresh rose and marjoram from the garden emanating with time in the glass. It recalls thin pencil shavings from the old-school hand held sharpener and just a hint of eucalyptus giving over to cement dust, mineral and sassafras. Great entry on top of perfectly matured red plums picked right off the tree on a hot summer day; this wine is intensely flavorful and screams with crisp drinkability.

Good weight on the mid-palate shows nice roundness that coats the mouth, hiding fine-grained but present tannins that show up gracefully on a lengthy juniper infused finish. A bit of French oak giving to toasted marshmallow are well integrated and soft. Nice stuff. Too bad there is so little.