2009 Blackburn Reserve

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81 cases produced

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Updated tasting note, June 2015:

B ig, Black and BOLD, super smooth, massive flavor and surprisingly enough, great acidity! By far my biggest wine of the ripe 2009 vintage and one of my biggest ever. Balanced between mouth coating fruit, fresh acidity, and solid tannins. Ideal for an air-dried ribeye over hot coals on a sultry summer night.

Original tasting Note, June 2011

A s the Blackburn typically dictates, this release needs much more time than other EIEIO wines in the 2009 portfolio. Tight as a drum. Cellar this for another three years. Pulled from the most “closed” or dense barrels when the vintage allows.

This is the first release of a Blackburn Reserve since the 2007 vintage. It leads with a bright red fruit nose with dustings of early season berries, figs and sweet cherries, with cola spice and black pepper kernels adding depth. There is a savory undercurrent of hickory smoked jerky, with sultry smoky aromas supported by broad tannins and fresh acidity. If you are going to drink it currently, pair with braised lamb shank on polenta or something with loads of bacon involved.